To protect and serve!

Utilizing ScreenTrust guarantees that you will be protected from harmful content and security risks while keeping your device secured.

iOS and iPadOS Updates

New updates: you either love them or you hate them. Because they mostly contain security fixes, we love them! With ScreenTrust, we will let you know if there’s a new update; if it contains a serious security fix, you will be prompted to install it right away.

Secure Your Device

It’s common knowledge to have a passcode on your device—but did you know that you should periodically reboot your device? Did you know that you should also disable app tracking? Learn why and how with ScreenTrust.

Spyware and Malware

Use ScreenTrust to scan your device for harmful spyware. Perhaps you have heard of the Pegasus Project: software that is targeted toward journalists, politicians, activists and business leaders, allowing them to be spied on. Use ScreenTrust to see if you have been targeted as well.

Disable Ads

ScreenTrust’s adblocking features extend beyond websites; advertisements can be disabled in apps or games as well. Imagine that “free” game you installed without frustrating ads cluttering your screen after every level. Cool, right? 😉

Tracking and Privacy

With ScreenTrust, avoid being tracked or profiled by companies that follow your online activity with ScreenTrust. Companies have countless ways to track people online, but they all require that your device “talks” to their servers. We can block that traffic to their servers to prevent them from building a profile on you.

More Will Come!

We are committed to continually releasing new features for ScreenTrust to further enhance your internet experience. If you have suggestions or tips, then we would love to hear from you!

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