Fewer distractions,

Better learning.

With ScreenTrust, your school can provide a safe online experience for your students. Acquire clearer insights into your classroom’s status while protecting your students with ease.

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ScreenTrust ensures that your students will be shielded from harmful content that could pose potential security risks, such as fraud, malware and phishing. Support your students by creating a safe and seamless internet space.


Gain insight into the world of modern classrooms with ScreenTrust. Create a safe learning environment for your students and eliminate common classroom distractions.

IT Admin

Setting up and deploying ScreenTrust in your network is not rocket science—the process is a breeze. You will be guided via a step-by-step tutorial for your favorite MDM (Mobile Device Management).

ScreenTrust Features

And the list is growing...


Gain insight into what's happening in your classroom or school.

Safe Browsing

Our software checks if the website is safe for your students before the students accesses content.

Machine Learning

We evaluate websites using artificial intelligence and assign each to an appropriate category.

Growing Database

With our machine learning technology, our categorized website database continues to grow every day.

Guide Students

We teach each student how to secure their devices and inform them if there’s an update that needs to be installed.

On-device Filtering

Unlike our competitors, ScreenTrust uses on-device filtering so that your privacy is better protected.

Teacher App

The Teacher app allows instructors to examine internet usage during their classes, granting them the ability to react when needed.

Spyware and Malware

ScreenTrust is able to detect if a device is jail-broken or has spyware or malware installed.

100% Education

Here at ScreenTrust, we place 100% of our focus on education. After years of experience in academia, we know what’s important: creating great tools for great teachers!

Content Filtering

With ScreenTrust, content filtering takes place directly on the device. We do not see the content of the website; we only see the base URL, which is then analyzed through the database to determine its accessibility to students.


We do not see the content of the website you are visiting, and we don’t scan online documents or social media. Unlike many competitors, we value and respect the privacy of each student.

Try it for free for 1 week – No credit card required